Ing. arch. ing. David Neuhäusl

He never stopped studying architecture. He loves to think, write or talk about it and currently he is also teaching it together with Jan Hora at Faculty of architecture in Brno. Besides this discipline, he graduated also from International trade and Municipal engineering. David is currently a doctorate student at Faculty of architecture in Prague exploring the topic of public development.

For two years he was leading architectural studio with Jaroslav Wertig at the international college ARCHIP in Prague. He was an editor and co-author of the Public development issue of the architecture magazine ERA21. He also contributed to the book exploring socialist architecture Architecture 58-89. Thanks to study experience from Australia he initiated idea contest Superstudio in the Czech republic. His diploma theses explored urban economics in various perspectives. He was writing about architecture and related topics for label Bigg Boss.

He is a fan of football, skateboarding and fighting generally. He loves funk, soul and rap. He worked as architect in Berlin, where he learned riding bike in any possible weather.