We designed the apartment building as a tool for open communication, stimulating social and communal life. A house that fulfils its potential in terms of space and meaning and is an asset not only for its residents, but for the whole neighborhood. The rational core of private living is surrounded by a common overlap – the spatial moderation of the private apartments is enriched by shared exterior spaces, which is clearly written into the compositional and design principles. The house connects the adjacent (semi-)public spaces and its distinctive character is also supported by the acknowledged typology and materiality. Communication, openness and identity are the key words of the design.

The main compositional idea is the combination of open and closed, free space and full mass. The public ground floor and the typical floors serving the living space are the solid essence of the house, which is surrounded by an airy structure of galleries and loggias. The house creates a solid, legible corner as a counterbalance helping to define the public space of the square. The contact with the neighboring houses is in turn formulated by the open space of the exterior staircases, which, together with the division of the residential masses into two blocks, lightens the whole building and allows visual contact with the surroundings. The house is emphasized and the activity of the parterre is supported by a specifically designed plinth. The compositional logic is supported by the materials used: the elegant monolith of the exterior shelter slabs, the pleasant green metal structures articulating the façade, the durable concrete blocks, the dignified ceramic cladding of the parterre. The solid and maintenance-free material, the composition of the elements and the tectonics of the structure create a legible identity of the house.

Public housing Holešovice

Competition: 2022

Team: David Neuhäusl, Matěj Hunal, Veronika Zelenáková, Jakub Zelenák, Tereza Šírerová, Marek Vilášek, Michael Čambor