The proposal is based on two key principles. Firstly, the concept of minimum necessary – economical efficiency and informality of interventions support the soft, natural and welcoming character of the area. The intention is to reinforce the existing qualities of the whole area and retain its maximum unpaved surface. The overall idea is supported by landscape and architectural elements that allow for variation.

Secondly, there is the compositional principle of backbone and freespace. The newly designed main road defines a free-flowing meadow space with dispersed elements, which is flanked by an adequately concentrated zone for the functional use of the site. A system of platforms adjacent to the main path creates a backdrop for the usage and frees up the unpaved core space for free interpretation.

Summer stage Vimperk

Invited competition: 2022

Placement: 2nd place

Team: David Neuhäusl, Matěj Hunal, Alžběta Nováková, Tereza Šírerová, Marek Vilášek, Jakub Zelenák, Veronika Paľová