Our studio was selected to participate in the invited architectural competition for the supported housing for people with mental disorders in Zvíkovec. The reconstruction proposal focuses on finding the strengths in the existing object and a new functional form that works well with the surrounding buildings. The extension is removed, and the roof is raised in order to create full-fledged floor as well as to cultivate the building´s appearance. The architectural solution acknowledges the current time of origin but is not contrasting.

The key element is the west-facing terrace which serves as a covered and generous entrance as well as creates an outdoor space for socialising and relaxing. The terrace is opening towards the other house thus creates an open communal yard for residents. The symmetrical layout is uncomplicated and easy to read. All apartments in the house have the same layout principle supporting the user universality and independence of the residents.

Supported housing Zvíkovec

Invited competition: 2021

Place: 1st place

Team: David Neuhäusl, Matěj Hunal, Veronika Paľová, Jakub Zelenák, Alžběta Nováková