The proposal for the revitalization of the industrial brownfield of the sugar factory in Břeclav responds to the context and emphasizes the connection with the existing urban environment and the river. Working with different scales and typologies of buildings supports the habitability and identity of the entire location as well as its connection to the surrounding buildings. The new multifunctional district includes various types of housing, civic amenities and production. The adequate population density and permeability allows for short distances between working and living environments. This creates a meaningful, simple to navigate neighbourhood of diverse characters.

The proposed structure consists of five large urban blocks connected by a coherent street network. The individual blocks then divide into ten compact units, which naturally surround the existing historic buildings of the sugar factory and market. With its orientation, proportions and connection to the surrounding buildings, the new development creates an understandable network of streets, alleys and passages. At the intersection of the areas´ most important axes lies the heart of the district, a market square in front of the newly proposed library. Other characteristic public spaces are located in front of the multifunctional hall and next to the former railway bridge. As a counterweight to these locally significant squares, a number of neighbouring plots and nooks are created within the individual courtyards as well as recesses of the building line. These should support activity and life on the street parterre.

The development works with unique character of each block, which gives the area its memorability and allows easier orientation for residents and visitors. There are multiple options of outdoor spaces naturally spread among the neighbourhood. Housing as an essential element of the development plays an important role in the design, which works with a wide range of individual, collective and supported urban spaces.

The important buildings such as the new sport hall, the library or the archive are located along the outer perimeter of the site within the good reach of the public transport. We propose a multifunctional district including viable street parter with good amenities and production combined with sufficient housing development. The adequate population density with over 200 inhabitants per hectare allows the city to operate within short distances. The park, continuous alley of trees and general landscaping in the neighbourhood helps to maintain a pleasant microclimate.

In the initial phase of the project we propose a redevelopment of the large market building into a city library with a publicly accessible foyer and related services. This “living room of the city” has the fundamental potential to activate the site and support the development of the area. This urban plan is designed with regard to property relations in the area in order to create a functional and meaningful urban structure. In the final phase of the revitalization we propose a complete reconstruction of the northwestern block and the integration of the sugar factory building into the city structure.

Brownfield redevelopment

Competition: 2021

Place: 1st place

Co-author: Ivan Březina

Visualisations: Avocado Fresh

Location: Břeclav