Da Pietro Grill is a restaurant based on the chef´s table concept, where guests can watch the chefs in action. Our proposal fully supports this principle. The fairly small spatial dimension and the request for the highest number of guests possible made us carefully embrace every centimeter of the area. The impressive charcoal grill became the visual and functional centerpiece of the small space. It not only serves to the preparation of most of the dishes but complements the ambiance with a typical wooden aroma. The open kitchen is located directly on the axis of the front door so that each visitor has direct visual contact with the main stage. The kitchen scene is hemmed with bar seatings for the audience.

The materiality of the floor surfaces clearly defines the boundary between the guests and staff. Moreover, the division is determined by a massive wooden counter, while one part is intended for work, the other to relish the food. Quality black cladding materially dominates the space. It creates the kitchen background and expands into the rest of the room in the form of edging. In the window niches, the cladding transforms first into a bench for guests waiting to be seated, secondly into an atypical bar seating with a view. Additionally, the small scale of the tile optically enlarges the space. Another important layer of the design is lighting. Atmospheric, dimmed light is provided by suspended flashlights.

In addition to the ground floor, the restaurant also expands to the historic cellar, which houses toilets, a wine bar, and guest lounges. The cellars ´ stone walls and vaults were cleaned, fixed, and illuminated with surface-mounted lights. The bathrooms are characterized by green tiles, which create blocks around the fixtures. Finally, both floors are unified by a seamless, light gray screed.

Da Pietro Grill

Realization: 2021

Address: Smetanovy sady 331/4, Plzeň

Photo: Radek Úlehla

Gastro contractor: Gastromach

Team: David Neuhäusl, Matěj Hunal, Veronika Paľová, Jakub Zelenák