Kro Bistro & Bar follows the original concept of Kro kitchen – haute cuisine street food – which is expanded by a sophisticated bar. The layout gives the relaxed vibe and guests can sit by both of the dominating counters to observe the process of making drinks and meals. The motifs used in Kro Kitchen and Kro Coffee purposedly appear here again in a developed combination and adjusted. The iconic lighting creates an integral part of the ceiling structure. By removing the original soffit we created a visible line between old and new. Above the line everything stayed existing while anything below has been transformed.

We also removed the metal filling in the upper part of shop windows and replaced it with glass. That opened the interior and brought the new light to the space. We used plywood for the joinery which was finished with a black coat that created a sophisticated texture. The vinyl floor was removed and the exposed existing terrazzo was cleaned and finished. In the place of new wiring and piping the floor was filled with a concrete including distinctive stone aggregate.

Kro Bistro & Bar

Realization: 2021

Address: Sokolovská 79/81, Praha

Photo: Radek Úlehla

Graphic design: Marek Fanta

Throw-ups: Honey

Construction: Avers

Team: David Neuhäusl, Matěj Hunal, Veronika Paľová, Jakub Zelenák