Over the years, architecture of the modernist crematorium was disrupted by additional constructions and necessary operational changes. The result is chaotic, impersonal and unworthy spaces for the final farewell. The building requires essential, holistic transformation. Therefore we propose an equivalent part of the whole building whose architectural value exceeds the simple sum of reconstruction and extension. Current layer completes the overall composition, reverts to the original architecture principles and emphasizes the original mourning hall.

Abstracted concrete curtain symbolically divides inner contemplative spaces from the outer world. Atriums and skylights bring light from above, which symbolizes hope. The system of atriums illuminates the interior spaces, provides calm view and, above all, connects exterior with interior – but not only visually. The path to each ceremony room passes through this external atriums from linear meeting space.  A few meters of walk in the fresh air serve as an emphasis and at the same time unconscious preparation for the upcoming ceremony. This ritualization of arrival of mourners reacts to actual social helplessness about the theme of death and seeks to at least partly restore the slowness and certain spirituality of a last farewell by architectural means. Work with light, atmosphere and materials is crucial to the whole project.

Reconstruction of crematorium

Competition: 2019

Place: 3rd place

Location: Ostrava

Visualizations: Avocado Fresh

Co-author: Ivan Březina

Team: David Neuhäusl, Matěj Hunal, Veronika Paľová, Jakub Zelenák