Family house from the 1980s is located in a friendly garden town and its current state doesn´t satisfy the requirements and needs of its inhabitants. Radical reconstruction preserves the number of two floors, but replaces the original pitched roof with a flat one, removes the inappropriate extension of the garage on the boundary with neighbours and extends a house towards the street line.

Sober, timeless front facade look replaces complicated „romanticism“. The materiality of the design (brick cladding) is based on the current state, but strong red colour in combination with white is replaced by much more decent shade – proposed colour corresponds to earthy shades in the surroundings.

Designed building mass completes the urban structure and creates a new coherent building line. The height of the building is lower than the existing height of the roof ridge and doesn´t exceed the height of the surrounding houses. A demolition of the garage, which is built right on the boundary of the parcel fixes an inadequate existing situation and vacates the urban structure. The receding floor simplifies expression of the street facade.

Villa in a garden city

Study: 2018

Visualizations: Avocado Fresh

Team: David Neuhäusl, Matěj Hunal, Veronika Paľová, Jakub Zelenák