The main principle of the new building of library with café is based on openness, respect and modernity. Archetypal, basic mass of contemporary look and detail takes into consideration the scale and the structure of historical city. The cantilever emphasizes the corner and the main entrance. It also extends public space in the ground floor and maintains actual view through the city. The foyer and the court serve as public accessible „living room“ which is flexibly able to link all others services. The building is simply clear, accessible and readable.  

The ideological assignment of competition includes also nearby buildings. We have considered risks threatening the whole process thoroughly: financial/legislative difficulties and complicated conditions in the whole area (deteriorating buildings, monument preseervation, limited area to build and undefined program) led us to propose two phases of restoration. The first step would be a realization of independent, new library with café as an essential impulse. The next one would be a separate architectural competition finding an ideal solution for the rest of the buildings, which should be preceded by thorough definition of meaningful program following the library.  

Česká Lípa Library

Competition: 2018

Co-authors: Tomáš Chmel, Růža Šenoldová, Ivan Březina

Team: David Neuhäusl, Matěj Hunal