Kitchen, dining room and living room in one 20 m2 walk-through space. Nearly impossible task requested a radical concept. Absolute minimalism. The solution lies in a single piece of furniture. A compact block contains all necessary features (complete kitchen, coffee machine, refridgerator, dining table, chairs, sofa, projector, footrests, coffee tables, lighting, storage and doors leading to the private part of the flat).

Inserted volume works as a neutral background and also a Swiss Army knife. Character and atmosphere of the space is naturally defined by the current activity. If a certain activity is not happening, it stays hidden and does not unnecessarily occupy the already small area. Light, smooth surfaces maximizes free space. Empty volumes of kitchen and sofa are intentionally contrasting. Blank wall serves as a projection screen. 

Three in one

Realization: 2019

Location: Palmovka, Prague

Photo: Studio Flusser

Publication: Moderní byt, ASB

Furniture production: Tomáš Volf

Electrical installation: Martin Kocián

Team: David Neuhäusl, Matěj Hunal