The new Prague bistro indicates main concept with its ambiguous name: restaurant becomes the theatre. Architecture creates a scene for a performance that takes place in the kitchen and on the plate. Key principles – rationality, contrast, sincerity, moderation, transparency and modern interpretation of the (czech) classic – are in harmony with gastronomical philosophy of this fine dining enterprise.

 Rational organization of all operations supports their clarity for users. The open kitchen is the core of the compact restaurant space without a traditional bar. High seating around the kitchen allows observing preparation of meals and conversation with chefs.

An unusual use of common materials clearly defines particular functions and forms an unorthodox context. Exposure of load-bearing reinforced concrete structures defines predominant strict character, which is supported by carefully selected furniture and raw wood-wool boards. These wood-cement boards without finishing fulfil acoustic function and also refer to stone cladding of the building façade. White ceramic tiles and stainless steel of gastronomical section contrast with monochromatic rawness of the guest space. Everything is underlined by minimal graphical identity. Deliberately unfinished plasterboard partition walls in the corridor form a slightly shocking transition from shades of gray to black and white minimalism of toilets.

 Several types of lightning support material solution and functions: decent concrete lamps create an intimate, warm atmosphere at each table for guests, while cold, strong light emphasizes the hygienic and technical character of the serving spaces. Backlight of the wine bar creates a delicate game of colours and the only „decoration“ of the space.

 Throughout the process, it was essential to keep the strict simplicity of spaces and principles. The uncompromising result is based on an almost ideal, intense collaboration with future space users.

The Eatery

Realization: 2018

Location: U Uranie 18, Prague

Photo: Studio Flusser

Award: Interior of the year 2018 

Graphic design: Martin Groch

General planner: Růžička a partneři

Gastronomic technology: In-gastro

Publication: Dolce Vita, Forbes, Podlahy Profi

Team: David Neuhäusl, Matěj Hunal