A compact longitudinal volume integrates all crucial requirements – great living space with unlimited view, minimum of classic hallways, garage for two cars, interior pool with sauna – and takes advantage od ideally oriented slope. 

Maximally opened living space is positively defined by adjacent full volumes and load-bearing square frames. Groundfloor plan consists of contradictory relationships of opened X closed, serving X served, exterior X interior. Private second floor contains rooms for children, studyroom and masterbedroom with loggia.

A tree in an exterior patio finishes the composition of the house and provides shading for the exterior paved space, which prolongs and connects both the living space and the interior pool. The half-opened patio creates a feeling of privacy for cooking, dining or sun bathing. Softly cantilevered volumes naturally protect the interior from overheating and creates informal shelter from the rain

House with a view

Study: 2017

Team: David Neuhäusl, Matěj Hunal