A pair of independent objects defines the area of the village square. The different character of the two buildings corresponds to their importance and function, with apparent continuity of the urban structure. The building of the municipal office emphasizes its position by stepping back and by its visible moderation. The simple hybrid mass is not an object for its own sake – it follows the shape of the property, opens out into the village square, creates a background for everyday life and underlines the surrounding roof landscape. It forms a clear demarcation of the most important communal space as a wall in which it freely transforms. Apart of the office it also contains a library, commercial space and a communal apartment.

The building with the municipal hall, a fire station and maintenance facilities of the village takes on the form of the local buildings, but in the contemporary detail. It confirms the existing structure, defines the corner with the street and creates a landmark as the clock tower. The solution of the municipal hall and its facilities enables the maximum variability of all possible functions and the interconnection of the court and the village square into a unified whole. Utilitarian functions are oriented to communications.

The main space for social events is finely defined by the gently rising staircase which also serves as a less formal seating area. The height difference corresponds to the natural concentration and the purpose of the proposed services. Around the perimeter you can park your vehicle, hide under the trees or freely pass to the new sidewalk with pedestrian crossing. Public space and the two buildings are designed so that even in case of no major events with larger number of people, they wouldn’t appear inappropriate, but in any other time would naturally serve for any proposed matter, including meeting or just a quick passing by.

Community building

Competition: 2017

Location: Moravské Bránice

Visualization: Adam Horn

Co-author: Ivan Březina

Team: David Neuhäusl, Matěj Hunal