Relatively usual tax advisor’s office served without any severe problems but the general weariness was becoming apparent. The carpet and the unintentional collection of nineties furniture were way beyond their prime. More space for work, folders and other accessories would come in handy as well.

It was necessary to create a pleasant environment of a serious nature, improve work efficiency and increase the storage capacity.

That meant to completely purify and unify the given space. Solid furniture had to be designed. Simple lights had to be located appropriately. Elegant double shading to block low western sun. Removing the carpet helped to make the original friezes stand out. Afterwards, the office was painted, details were adjusted and wiring restored. Audacity was left to details.

The most noticeable intervention is the furniture which retained all the functions of the original equipment. The table, as well as the cabinet are based on the same principle, containing both electrical and data wiring and provide more than enough storage space. Cantilevered part of the table provides a place to hold meetings with clients. In case of the cabinet, the centilevered part allows placement of larger printer.    


Realization: 2016

Location: Prague

Photo: Traga

Furniture production: Pavel Sotona

Team: David Neuhäusl, Matěj Hunal