We were asked to design a complete revitalization, which would not compromise the traditional character. Searching for the perfect combination of old and new has led to a very sensitive approach based mainly on the change of atmosphere and subtle, surgical interventions.

Documented history of the house “U Glaubiců” dates back to the year 1389. The famous pub of the same name was running well lately, but interiorwise was far beyond its moral lifespan. After two decades of uncoordinated adjustments the entire space suffered from an inappropriate coloring, lighting, details and elements in the form of pseudo-historical or slightly tawdry decorations, lamps, ads etc. All the space was cleared from the ballast elements and subsequently united by murals, furniture, lighting, information system and quality details.

Everything meaningful has been maintained. All new, genuinely current interventions are defined by the black steel. The system of information lighting fixtures, which accompanies the visitor from the entrance to the cellar and shows the most important dates of the object. New informal seating area expanding above the ceiling opening and standing racks.

Revitalization and expansion of bars were carried out in the traditional spirit, which extends to minor adjustments of the layout as well. Existing furniture and fixtures defining the current character have been retained to the greatest extent possible. Indirect lighting and uniform guidance-communication system of handwritten blackboards and murals were quiet, but important addition. Significant dimming and adjusting the lighting highlighted the atmosphere of the gothic cellar. Historically relevant painting of suitable colour. Simple black circles instead of fanciful chandeliers and many other details.                          The project was consulted with conservationists, a restorer and an architect of the last reconstruction in 1998. Almost daily presence in situ during the intensive works (the service was uninterrupted) and especially collaboration with great craftsmen was crucial for the result.

U Glaubiců

Realisation: 2017

Location: Lesser town square, Prague

Photo: Jaroslav Moravec

Production of steel elements: Vojtěch Kálecký

Furniture production: Vladimir Urban

Electrical installation: Martin Kocián

Painting: Eduard Číž


Team: David Neuhäusl, Matěj Hunal