"Five personalities who are radically changing the face of Czech architecture"interviewNEUHÄUSL HUNAL
Yearbook of the Faculty of Architecture CTU 2021-22 (co-curator)publicationDavid Neuhäusl
Sculptor´s apartment in TVinterviewNEUHÄUSL HUNAL
Society and its architecturepublicationDavid Neuhäusl
2nd place in competition Cultural centre Moravská TřebováawardNEUHÄUSL HUNAL
External critique in the Kuzemenský-Kunarová studio at FA CTUcritiqueDavid Neuhäusl
Interview for Czech Radio WaveinterviewNEUHÄUSL HUNAL
2nd place in called competition Summer stage VimperkawardNEUHÄUSL HUNAL
ARCH 2022 prizejuryDavid Neuhäusl
Top 100 Czech architecture studios 2022 awardNEUHÄUSL HUNAL
Architecture 58-89publicationDavid Neuhäusl
Competition dialogue in TrnavajuryMatěj Hunal
1st place in competition Protected housing Nová PakaawardNEUHÄUSL HUNAL
ERA21 4/2021 - editor/author of the Public development issuepublicationDavid Neuhäusl
1st place in called competition Supported housing ZvíkovecawardNEUHÄUSL HUNAL
Top 100 Czech architecture studios 2021awardNEUHÄUSL HUNAL
NGP On Air: Public development (of housing)lectureDavid Neuhäusl
1st place in competition Brownfield redevelopment in BřeclavawardNEUHÄUSL HUNAL
External critique in the Jan Hora studio at FA VUTcritiqueDavid Neuhäusl
Revitalization of the Jandus Brothers Square in UhříněvesjuryDavid Neuhäusl
Certified architect of The Czech Chamber of ArchitectscertificateMatěj Hunal
Good yearinterviewMatěj Hunal
Working conditions of young architectsdiscussionDavid Neuhäusl
2nd place in competition Revitalization of the public space in ŽatecawardNEUHÄUSL HUNAL
Top 10 emerging architects 2020 awardNEUHÄUSL HUNAL
ERA21 3/2020 - essay Stockholm syndrome of architecturepublicationDavid Neuhäusl
OMMX at the finale of Superstudio lectureSUPERSTUDIO
Finale of 10th year of Superstudio in the CAMPeventSUPERSTUDIO
Interview for Czech Radio Vltava interviewSUPERSTUDIO
3rd place in competition Reconstruction of crematorium in OstravaawardNEUHÄUSL HUNAL - Exposed wire does not have to define industrial styleinterviewNEUHÄUSL HUNAL
Radio Wave - The dark side of the prestigious proffesioninterviewDavid Neuhäusl
Architecture: stereotypes & processeslectureDavid Neuhäusl
ASB #108 - comment on planned government district in LetňanypublicationDavid Neuhäusl
ERA21 5/2019 - critical essay regarding architecture competitionspublicationDavid Neuhäusl
2nd place in called competition Community housing for seniorsawardNEUHÄUSL HUNAL
Pecha Kucha Night Olomouc XXIIlectureNEUHÄUSL HUNAL
2nd place in competition Reconstruction and extension of the cinemaawardNEUHÄUSL HUNAL
Vernissage of pop-up exhidition and release of catalogue Superstudio 2019 eventSUPERSTUDIO
ASB #105 - Three flatsinterviewNEUHÄUSL HUNAL
Award Interior of the year 2019 for The EateryawardNEUHÄUSL HUNAL
External critique in the studio École Spéciale d'Architecture Paris critiqueDavid Neuhäusl
North-south trunk road and its potenciallectureDavid Neuhäusl
Respekt 12/2019 - A house for dog in 24 hours interviewSUPERSTUDIO
Superstudio 2019 on the Radio WaveinterviewSUPERSTUDIO
Filipe Magalhães (fala atelier) at the finale of SuperstudiolectureSUPERSTUDIO
Finale of 9th year of Superstudio in the Prague´s space CAMPeventSUPERSTUDIO
TOP10 in the competition Art Campus VŠVUawardNEUHÄUSL HUNAL
Ještěd f Kleci #21 juryjuryDavid Neuhäusl
Experiences vol. 24lectureNEUHÄUSL HUNAL
Degustation of design with Karolína Vránkova on the Radio 1interviewNEUHÄUSL HUNAL
External critique in the studio Wertig - Kopecký at ARCHIPcritiqueDavid Neuhäusl
Exhibition Final projects 2018 in the space Kampus HybernskáexhibitionSUPERSTUDIO
TOP12 in the competition Elementary school SmíchovawardNEUHÄUSL HUNAL
Marthijn Pool (Space & Matter) at the finale of SuperstudiolectureSUPERSTUDIO
Superstudio 2018 - 1st time in SlovakiaeventSUPERSTUDIO
Night of architecture at FA STU in BratislavalectureSUPERSTUDIO
Project Raw flat selected to the yearbook Czech architecture 2016-2017 awardNEUHÄUSL HUNAL
Superstudio 2017 - finale in the Prague´s Studio ALTAeventSUPERSTUDIO
Superstudio 2016 - 1st national finaleeventSUPERSTUDIO
Conference Architecture in perspective at FAST VŠB in OstravalectureSUPERSTUDIO
Superstudio 2015 - 1st time in all cities in one dayeventSUPERSTUDIO
Winning project of Prague´s round at the exposition Pokoje 2014exhibitionSUPERSTUDIO
Superstudio 2014 - 1st time in all cities in Czech RepubliceventSUPERSTUDIO
Containers to thrivelectureSUPERSTUDIO
Superstudio 2013eventSUPERSTUDIO
Superstudio exhibition at Centre for Contemporary art DOXexhibitionSUPERSTUDIO
Superstudio 2012eventSUPERSTUDIO
Superstudio 2011eventSUPERSTUDIO