Architecture studio was established in 2015. We are dealing with all types of projects. Ideally from the initial idea to finished building. Always with emphasis on clearly defined concept. Communication and meaningfulness of the project are crucial.

David (*1988) graduated with honors from Architecture and Civil Engineering at Czech Technical University, Municipal Engineering at Technical University Ostrava and International Trade at University of Economics in Prague. He studied in Australia and worked in Berlin. His diploma theses explored urban economics. He was writing about architecture and related topics for Bigg Boss. He is a co-author of conception of the prepared book/project "Czech architecture 58-89". In years 2016-2018 he was assistant in the studio of Jaroslav Wertig at the international architectural college ARCHIP.

Matěj (*1989) graduated from Faculty of Architecture at Czech Technical University. His diploma thesis was created in the studio of Tomáš Novotný, Jakub Koňata and Tomáš Zmek. After graduation, he became fully involved in the common practice and in the organization of Superstudio.

Veronika Paľová (*1992) and Jakub Zelenák (*1991) graduated from Faculty of Architecture in Bratislava and completed study internship in Strasbourg.

Cooperation: Alena Zmeškalová (2018), Alex Yeloeva (2018), Václav Pošmourný (2018)

Superstudio is Czech-Slovak architecture competition, which we organize since 2011. It takes place during 24 hours in Prague, Bratislava, Brno, Liberec, Košice and Ostrava at the same time. Every year hundreds of college students participate. The best teams present their projects in front of a professional jury and the public audience in the international finals.